What Are We About?

Move with Purpose

I teach you how to move with purpose and intentionality for the results you want.

Eat Real Food

Eat the food we are designed to eat


I teach you how to sleep better so you wake up recovered and with energy

Spend Time In Nature

I educate you about the importance of spending time in nature and we do it as part of our program.

Build Community

Building a strong community of people is very powerful, encouraging, and crucial to our mental and emotional well being.

Practice Compassion

Compassion binds and connects us together so we strive to embody that at Custom Fit by investing in our clients and community

Unplug to Connect

Unplug from life's chaos, and connect to your well being

Proactive not Reactive

I teach clients how to be proactive with their health instead of waiting until something goes wrong


Why Choose Custom FIT?

Simple. We custom design the program to give YOU the exact results you want. If you are seeking out personal or small group training don’t you want to be confident that the program is designed around your specific goals and desired results? So many other gyms just run you through "their" program. But why risk doing their program when you could have a custom designed program that is just for you and the results YOU WANT!


Programs and Pricing

#1 Ranked Personal Training Program On Yelp

Personal Training

Custom Body

 Custom Body | $75/session

 10 Session Pack | $68/session

Custom Edge

 Body + Nutrition | $79/session

Custom Total Body Reset

 Body+ Nutrition +Lifestyle | $85/session

Semi-Private Training

Group of 2

 Semi-Private | $45/person/session

Group of 3

 Semi-Private | $40/person/session

Group of 4

 Semi-Private | $30/person/session

Fitness Tribes

2 Sessions/Week

 Fitness Tribe | $139/month

3 Sessions/Week

 Fitness Tribe | $159/month*


Most Popular Programs


You will Transform your glutes, get strong, and have fun. This program tones, rounds, and firms up the Glutes. We even have the Gluteator which is one of the most popular and effective pieces of equipment for the glutes. And no other gym within 100 miles has it!


You will burn fat, smoke calories, and get an incredible sweat!


We use the ground breaking Functional Patterns training philosophy which focuses on getting the whole body connected within movement. This is a type of training you have never experienced before. Gets you pain free and moving efficiently. This is true functional training.

3D Strong

Get strong, lean, and ripped in all planes of motion. This program puts on lean muscle in all planes of motion. Exercising in all 3 planes helps you avoid injury and stay pain free.


Get in touch and start your fitness journey today.

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