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Custom FIT

Your Coach

Your Coach

I am Cal Poly Graduate and ACE Certified Personal Trainer. I am happily married to my beautiful wife Jewl and we love living in SLO. When I'm not at my gym you will find me hiking, in the ocean, basically doing anything outdoors.

I will be your only coach because I believe in developing a relationship with my clients, not just handing you off to another trainer. Since I am the only trainer you can be confident you are getting the best service possible. My gym is how I provide for my family so I will stop at nothing to make sure you are happy and get the results you are seeking.

Lastly I started this business because I really wanted to make a lasting impact on peoples lives and I saw where the fitness industry was falling short. The body and well being you want is about so much more than just exercise. As your coach I will teach the tools to take back your health and get the results you want.

Why Choose Custom FIT?

Why Choose Custom FIT?

If you are seeking out personal or small group training don’t you want to be confident that the program is designed around your specific goals and desired results? So many other gyms just run you through "their" program. But why risk doing their program when you could have a custom designed fitness plan that is YOUR program. This is why I started Custom Fit. I believe that if you are paying for training you deserve to have a custom program built around your specific goals. I also understand that fitness is just a small part of the equation when it comes to the body and confidence you want which is why I created the primal formula. The goal with the primal formula is I want to teach you how to get the results you want by training smarter not harder.

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I began researching and studying for a couple years to find the answers of how to take back our health and my research led me to 8 key principles. The principles, surprisingly, were discovered in looking back not forward. I will teach you how to maximize each of these 8 principles and your body and mind will look and feel better than ever.

Primal Formula

Customized Fitness. Primal Roots.

So what is the Primal Formula? The concept of the primal formula was born after I continued to see that exercise alone wasn't enough to get the results my clients and the public at large were seeking. I would constantly see people exercising more and eating less and yet it wasn't making a difference. And not only were people bodies not changing quickly enough but the words depressed, stressed, no energy, and anxious were phrases I continued to hear from people describing life circumstances. That was a read flag to me that something must be fundamentally wrong with the current wellness process because it's not working. So I sought to discover the answer to the following question- what are we missing or neglecting when it comes to achieving optimal health and wellness?

Move With Purpose

Move With Purpose

I teach you how to move with purpose and intentionality for the results you want
Eat Real Food

Eat Real Food

Eat the food we are designed to eat


I teach you how to sleep better so you wake up recovered and with energy
Spend Time in Nature

Spend Time in Nature

I educate you about the importance of spending time in nature and we do it as part of our program.
Build Community

Build Community

Building a strong community of people is very powerful, encouraging, and crucial to our mental and emotional well being.
Practice Compassion

Practice Compassion

Compassion binds and connects us together so we strive to embody that at Custom Fit by investing in our clients and community
Unplug to Connect

Unplug to Connect

Unplug from life's chaos, and connect to your well being
Proactive not Reactive

Proactive not Reactive

I teach clients how to be proactive with their health instead of waiting until something goes wrong

Personal Training

  • Custom designed workout program for the specific body YOU want
  • This program is for those who want an edge over just personal training. I teach in depth about the 2nd principle of our primal formula: Eating real food. If you are not eating real food at the right times your results come much slower.

    Program includes:

    - Custom Designed workout program for the specific body YOU want

    -Food log and weekly nutrition analysis

    -Education on nutrient timing....best times to eat carbs, protein ,and fat to ramp up your body's natural fat burning potential

    -Meal plan guide and recipes

    Optional Add ons:

    -Food Sensitivity Test

    -I personally take a trip with you to the grocery store and help you custom design a shopping list

  • This program requires a 3 month commitment and we leave no stone unturned as I teach you how to integrate the whole primal formula to radically change your life. This program helps those suffering from chronic stress, poor sleep, low energy, low sex drive, depression, anxiety, etc. After 3 months in this program you will feel better physically, mentally, and emotionally than you have in years.

    It Includes everything in the Custom Body and Edge program plus:

    -30 Day Metabolic reset

    -Teach sleep optimization strategies

    -Weekly nature adventure

    -Teach crucial stress reduction strategies

    -Body Fat % Testing

Fitness Tribes for Co-Ed

  • This program is designed for those who want an intense workout that hits all body parts. Between the workout itself and what I like to call the metabolic "after burn" this class torches 1000 calories. After this workout your metabolism remains high thus torching even more calories and body fat. Extremely effective for those looking to put on lean muscle and burn stubborn belly fat. Everyday is different in order to keep the body guessing.

    • This program has a specific focus of putting on lean muscle and educating you on how to get the most out of life and your body. We lift all muscles each week to keep your body balanced and strong. At the end of the workout I teach you "life hacks" so you can perform better in all facets of life. Topics such as maximizing hormones, stress reduction techniques, what to eat and when, how to burn stubborn fat, sleep hacks, and the importance of nature are just a few of the recent topics.

      Fitness Tribes for Women

      • If your goal is a bigger and better butt then this program is for you. The glutes(butt) is such an important muscle in our body and yet many don't understand how to train it properly to get the results they want. I designed a combination of exercises specifically aimed at building a better butt and to attack stubborn fat on the legs. Glutecamp is very popular with my female clients and the results come quick.

        • Are you a woman that wants to be toned and strong? Then this program is for you! Empowering women through weight training is something I am passionate about at Custom Fit. So I custom designed a program for women to teach you how to safely and properly execute many different weight training exercises. Lets face it, treadmills and ellipticals are ineffective and boring so why not do something fun and challenging that actually changes your body and mind. Never thought you could do a pull-up or 10 real push-ups?! You will with this program.
        • This program is specifically designed for new/recent mothers who want to lose the weight gained during pregnancy. We also focus on toning up the tummy area to help clear up stretch marks that naturally happen during pregnancy. The program is a fun/supportive environment for new/recent moms.
        • LIT(low impact training) has all the results without all the impact. LIT was designed to ensure a safe, effective, and dynamic total body workout. You will gain strength, lose weight, improve balance, and tone up the stomach area. The goal is after each workout you leave "LIT" up and feeling awesome!

        Pricing Information
        #1 Ranked Personal Training Program On Yelp

        Personal Training

        Custom Body
        Customized Body | $65/session
        10 Session Pack | $59/session
        Custom Edge
        Body + Nutrition | $70/session
        Custom Total Body Reset
        Body+ Nutrition +Lifestyle | $79/session

        Semi-Private Training

        Group of 2
        Semi-Private | $40/person/session
        Group of 3
        Semi-Private | $30/person/session
        Group of 4
        Semi-Private | $25/person/session

        Fitness Tribes (Small Group)

        2 Sessions/Week
        Fitness Tribe | $120/month
        3 Sessions/Week
        Fitness Tribe | $150/month*
        *Requires 3 month committment

        Rewards Programs

        Weekly Act of Compassion | 10% Off
        Weekly Nature Adventure | 5% Off
        Eat Real Food
        Three Green Veggies a Day | 5% Off

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